What’s The World Coming To?

So my hair doesn’t look the best it’s looked. So I’m not a “babe” like I was 20 years ago. Does that mean you have the right to jump in front of me in line at the pump? I was getting ready to pay at the gas station ATM machine, when this man gave me a half-assed, weak “let me go first” smile, as he raced in front of me! Hey look, I’m a single mom (which in my case means the sperm donor never manned up after tricking me into getting pregnant–oh yeah, it can happen and I’ll elaborate on that at another time–and the help I get from my mom usually frazzles me to the point of slow, seeping, guileingly clever, insanity…so, I’m doing it alone) with an 11-year-old who trys to run the show. OK, she IS running the show! I’m not good at this. I admit that. I don’t brush my teeth everyday. I haven’t showered in months and I only wash-up every couple of days. SO WHAT. I still have a soul. Inside of me beats a heart of memories and best times and old loves and triumphs. I’m still breathing. And while I’m here, let me be seen. Don’t gloss over me. please.


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