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Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on September 28, 2009 by onebev1

I couldn’t find my camera for months. I finally found it–when I was looking for something else. I’ve been trying not to procrastinate anymore.  So I decided to set my computer for TV reception after having it for over a year, only to discover that it didn’t have all the accessories it was supposed to come with. (Good luck getting any of that stuff now since it’s out of warranty.) And in the same spirit of not procrastinating, I also decided to finally learn to upload photos from my digital camera after having it for  almost a year. That went great! So easy, why did I avoid it for so long? I also decided to hook up my All In One system to my computer. I’m too ashamed to say how long I’ve had it without connecting to computer. But I have used it just for faxing and copying. Anyway, now I can’t find the USB cable that it’s supposed to have, except that I’m not sure if my model connects with a USB or not because I can’t find the manual for it. But if it does connect with a USB, I’m sure I don’t have it.